GOMAD Diet (Gallon Of Milk A Day)


I’ve always been a skinny guy. I can literally eat EVERYTHING and still somehow defy physics. Until now (presumably). The GOMAD diet, where I drink absurd amounts of whole milk to gain weight, is my ticket to fat camp.

I joke. Really, this is just an attempt to test this GOMAD theory: the faster I put on body weight, the faster I can convert that weight into muscle. So ultimately, the goal is Hercules, not Jolly Old Saint Nick.

The GOMAD Diet

This is one of the simplest and tastiest diets I’ve ever come across. The rules are quite simple: drink a gallon of whole milk, everyday, until you gain your desired weight.

Why GOMAD Works

A gallon of whole milk has somewhere between 2000 – 2500 calories and as many hardgainers know, calories count. I can eat an entire forest of broccoli and all I’d have to show for it is a decimated ecosystem and maybe a handful of calories. My maintenance calorie requirement is about 3500 and it’s a struggle to consume that much food (I prefer eating healthy and healthy foods are usually lower in calories). By adding GOMAD I can pump that up to around 5500 calories, or at least 5000 on days I eat a little less.

Not only will GOMAD increase my calorie count but I’ll also be getting around 192 grams of carbohydrates (for energy), 128 grams of protein (for building muscle mass), and 128 grams of fat (for energy; increases testosterone levels for added strength). Couple this with heavy exercise and my size should skyrocket, right?…at least that’s the idea. We’ll see.

How to Go Mad With GOMAD

There are many posts around the net suggesting a slow adoption of milk into your diet, for instance: add an 8oz. glass of whole milk a day until you’re drinking a whole gallon (this takes 16 days). Lame. I’m going all in. Here are my suggested guidelines:

  • Drink a gallon of milk a day.
  • Eat at least 5 big balanced meals a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner).
  • Train hard at least 3 days a week, preferably to failure on your last sets of each exercise. Focus on squats and deadlifts.
  • Take periodic milk breaks so your metabolism adjusts (cut down to half a gallon the last week of every month you’re on the diet).
  • Don’t do this for more than 3 months (unless you’re going for the human blob look).

Benefits of The GOMAD Diet

  • It’s tasty.
  • Weight gain and therefore strength gains.
  • It’s natural. No testicle shrinking steroids.
  • Cheap and easy.
  • Great way to get extra water.
  • Protein, carbohydrates, saturated fat, vitamin D, A, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals.
  • Fresh, real milk is awesome.

Negatives of The GOMAD Diet

  • Pimples (for those prone to breaking out).
  • Gas/bloating.
  • You pee a lot.
  • Carrying milk with you everywhere will quickly label you as crazy.
  • You gain fat.

Completing The GOMAD Diet

Once I’ve hit my desired weight, which is 200lbs., here’s what I’ll have to deal with:

  1. Water weight – there’s a lot of water and carbs in milk; carbs bind to water, so when that stops I should lose anywhere from 8-10lbs (this is why my target weight is 210lbs. and my desired weight is 200lbs.)
  2. Fat – you gain about 2-3% fat per month. While this might suck, it’ll be easy to get rid of once I stop swimming in milk, and presumably, my weight will remain the same, only the fat will be replaced with muscle.
  3. Hunger – my body will become accustomed to feeding itself extra calories quickly and eating more food won’t leave me as bloated as it used to.

I’ve always been thin so adding any kind of weight is difficult for me, whether it be fat or muscle. This will hopefully train my body to accept more calories (consume more than I burn) and will put me in a place where once I shed the fat I’ve gained (about 2-3% per month), I’ll have muscle in its place. Plus, I like experimenting. It makes life worth living. I’ll update in a week or so with my experiences/weight.

As of today (10/24/2010) I am 186.6lbs.

GOMAD Diet Updates

Update #1

It’s been a week since I started the GOMAD diet and I feel like a rock. As I get into pushup position my wrists begin to buckle; my massive torso is no match for my unprepared arms. I crumble. Okay, so I haven’t gained that much weight but it is working:

Starting weight (10/24/2010): 186.6lbs.
Current weight (11/01/2010): 195.4lbs.

That’s about 9 pounds in a week. Not bad. So here is what I’ve done/learned so far:

  • It’s not that hard to drink a gallon of milk a day.
  • I kept a gallon in my refrigerator at home and one in the refrigerator at work at all times.
  • Carrying a gallon of milk to work on your bicycle is very dangerous so it pays to have an awesome girlfriend who will drop it off.
  • I haven’t had a single pimple.
  • My gas has actually subsided quite a bit.
  • I don’t feel bloated.
  • Milk is even more delicious than I previously thought.
  • A glass of whole milk makes a wonderful dessert.
  • Whole milk is really white. I lost many hours mesmerized by the silky white glow.

I’m cutting my intake down this week due to my P90X recovery week as I won’t be expending as much energy. But, starting with Phase II I’ll be picking up a whole gallon again and going solid for 3 weeks.

Update #2

It has now been two weeks since I’ve been on a version of the GOMAD diet. For the first week on the diet I managed to drink an entire gallon of milk everyday. The second week totaled about 3 gallons. I decided that during my P90X recovery week I would drink a lot less since I wasn’t burning as many calories. Beginning on Monday, I will resume with full gallons. Here’s where the numbers stand so far:

Starting weight (10/24/2010): 186.6lbs.
1st update weight (11/01/2010): 195.4lbs.
Current weight (11/07/2010): 194.8lbs.

I pretty much stayed the same this entire week which is to be expected. At the end of next week I hope to see at least another 5lbs.

My GOMAD Discoveries

GOMAD Milk Rash?
GOMAD Milk Rash?

About midweek I noticed a small rash on my left arm right below my shirt sleeve. It was there for about 30 minutes and went away, two days in a row. If it was milk allergy related the only reason that I can give for it appearing after a week and not sooner is the type of milk I was drinking.

When I started I was buying organic whole milk and the day I first noticed the rash I had started drinking a cheap Ralph’s brand whole milk. I since have gone back to either organic or organic raw milk and have not seen it since. Probably just a coincidence.

Last night I started to notice a couple of pimples developing on my face and have been treating them with a Burt’s Bees Blemish Stick which Adriann swears by and has convinced me is the greatest acne fighter of all time. I’ll report back if anything changes…for better or for worse.

Update #3

I did it. One whole month of whole milk down the tube. It turns out the rash was not from the GOMAD diet and overall my body adapted rather well to so much milk. No adverse effects…unless you count the extra fatty weight I’ve put on.

Starting weight (10/24/2010): 186.6lbs.
1st update weight (11/01/2010): 195.4lbs.
2nd update weight (11/07/2010): 194.8lbs.
Final weight (11/20/2010): 198.7lbs.

That’s a total of 12.1lbs. Not bad considering I had an average of 3/4 gallons of milk a day.

I’m such a fatass.

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    1. Angry much?

      At any rate, I agree for the most part, minus the “extra stuff that makes you go to the toilet day and night”, and all the unnecessary gratuitous crude language.

      1. Yes, I’m angry because I’m so sick of this Rippetoe guy and his bullshit diets and fake ass muscle gains. The truth is that he just gets people to 20-25% bodyfat rather quickly and most of his claims about lean body mass gains are bullshit. Also he now talks shit about crossfit but the truth is that if it wasn’t for Crossfit knowbody would’ve heard of him or his book.

        1. Truth of the matter is that gaining weight, even body fat is necessary for some of us. Rippetoe also recommends the gallon of whole milk a day to people who have serious trouble gaining weight.

          Weight Gain isn’t necessarily just a product of wanting to train and get bigger. A lot of really skinny guys either come from backgrounds where they can’t possibly eat enough to fight their metabolism, need to learn how to eat more or some of them have been recently sick and need to gain back.

          To call it stupid is narrow minded. It works.

          It might not work for what you want it to do. But it works.

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